Dominican Adventures


For the past several months, I’d been living in anticipation of my first international trip in years. Every night before bed, I would look up pictures on Instagram or Google to see awe-inspiring images of gorgeous waterfalls and white sandy beaches. Finally, on April 2nd, the day came. I was going to the Dominican Republic.

My mom, my best friend Juli, and I joined my entire high school senior class as we all flew to Punta Cana for one massive adventure.

Most of the kids spent the entirety of the trip getting extremely blasted (as the legal drinking age in the DR is 18, and it’s not hard to get drinks anyways) especially due to the all-inclusive package we received. Aka, there was an open bar the whole time.

I’m not against partying or anything, quite the contrary. But I didn’t fly across the US to the Carribean just to get severely drunk for seven days. I came for the adventure.

And oh, adventures were had.

There was kayaking.


And secret beach hideaway finding.


We boated across the Carribbean Sea


We drove through the culturally rich streets of Samana.


Rode on horseback to the most incredible waterfall, Cascada El Limon.



We swam with tiny fish.


And explored an island named after a popular brand of alcohol.






It honestly could not have gone any better.

It’s hard to put into words that feeling that traveling gives you. Inspired comes close, but doesn’t quite cover the complete awe and feeling of infinite possibility that the world holds.

But seriously, don’t take my word for it. If you want to see what the world is truly like, you just can’t get that experience from reading articles or watching videos. However, it’s my hope that this blog will inspire you to get out there and seize these experiences that are just waiting to be had.

To see more of our adventures, check out the video I made using my GoPro Hero4 Silver here.


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