Plant-Based, Baby

Here’s the lowdown: in case you weren’t aware, the environment is in danger.

Co2 emissions are exponentially rising every year. Pollution of our fresh water sources is a problem only increasing in severity. And more and more, innocent people are dying of cancer and heart disease.

Now, you can get all spiritual and say “everything happens for a reason,” referring to God or some other divine nature. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But in this case, one of the main reasons all of  these issues keep on getting worse is largely due to the manufacturing of meat and animal products. This includes pig, cow, chicken, lamb, and varieties of fish meat.

It takes staggering amounts of water,energy, and other extremely valuable resources to produce meat and animal products. Domesticated animals are often stored in CAFOs, or concentrated animal feeding operations, in which they are in humanely confined essentially on top of each other. Due to runoff, Manure lagoons generate a massive amount of water pollution in our waterways, often even contaminating delicious fruits and vegetables with life threatening diseases like E-coli.

This isn’t even covering the serious health problems associated with meat consumption. Meat is a source of saturated fats, which line the blood vessels with LDL, known as the bad cholesterol. Meat consumption has been correlated with a higher occurrence of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease (the leading cause of death in America).

This information is out there, and more often than not, people are aware of at least a few of these arguments against the consumption of meat. But ignorance, which constantly plagues our decisions and behaviors, is the mechanism through which we allow ourselves to remain blind, and remain afraid of the possibility of a positive change.

It’s for all these reasons, in conjunction with the moral standpoint of pacifism that I decided to become a vegetarian.

I was tired of feeling tired, sick of feeling sick. So I made the choice to slowly, but surely, go veggie.

I’ve never eaten pork or ham, and cow meat had always been a rarity. So it was relatively easy to go pescatarian in the beginning, then vegetarian, and then vegan, for about month. Now that I’m back to vegetarian, I’ve never felt more clean on the inside and out.

If you’ve ever considered going meatless or vegan, I recommend you try it, and that you try it now. The environment, the animals, and your body will all thank you for it.

Not to mention your taste buds.


delicious veggie rolls

If you have any remaining questions pertaining to vegetarianism or what I’ve discussed in this post, ask away in the comments below!

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