Limekiln State Park

Located in the heart of the Big Sur Coastline, Limekiln State Park is one of my favorite places to stop by during the long drive from San Diego to San Francisco. Complete with a 100 foot waterfall, giant kilns and some of the tallest redwoods in the world, Limekiln State Park is one of the most amazingly gorgeous natural beauties on the planet.

The first time I visited Limekiln was on my first roadtrip up the coast to San Francisco, a trip I took with my mom and brothers. I hadn’t done much research on it before, but after driving up the hills of Big Sur for about an hour, my mom needed a break from driving, so we pulled over into the small parking lot of the park, paid a $10 entrance fee, and began walking on the trails.

It was immediatley like I was in a magical fairytale realm, reminsicent of the forests of Lord of the Rings, or something of that nature. The dirt below my feet was lushly packed, and the tall surrounding redwoods smelt like rain and fresh leaves

I loved the Limekilns so much, that I decided to come back during my roadtrip this past December, bringing my best friends this time. As I walked through Limekiln’s shaded forests, I felt a sense of euphoria, as I swore I’d come back during my first trip, and that promise had been kept.

We walked up the Limekiln trail, finding the enormous kilns for which the park is named:

We then ventured back, and up the Falls trail, which I had visited on my previous trip. Standing at 100 feet tall, this picture does not do it justice:

As I’m writing this post, I’m realizing more and more that words can’t describe the sheer beauty of this place. Its peaceful vibes and serene landscape is just something you have to see for yourself.

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