SF Sorrow is Born: Roadtrippin Day 4+5

We woke up early, ready for our next day of adventure. It seemed crazy, how fast time has passed us by, but we were ready to make the most of our last day in San Francisco.

The rain hadn’t started yet, so we walked from our apartment through Golden Gate Park, past the Conservatory of Flowers until we were in our favorite neighborhood of SF: Haight Ashbury.

Our first stop was Amoeba Music. I had been to the one in LA several times before, but the SanFran store has a completely different vibe. Juli and I decided to buy American Beauty by the Grateful Dead, while Kyri picked up a Simon and Garfunkel CD.

Content with our purchases, we wandered up and down Haight street, weaving in and out of various tie-dye, hippie dippie shops (my favorite is Earthsong). Feeling hungry, we decided to get lunch. Kyri recommended a Crepe shop, near the corner of Haight and Cole. We ordered some savory crepes, (mine had spinach,mushrooms,and onions:incredible) and chatted while Flume played through the shops sound system, occasionally sneaking glances and the cute French guy at the counter.

After lunch, we walked a bit more until the rain began, at which point we ran to the Grateful Dead house to take an absurdly nerdy pictures with our newly purchased albums:

We then hopped on a bus to Dolores Park, which was, probably the first time ever, completely empty.

We walked to the top of the hill, and the rain subsided. We sat on the pavement and stared out at the amazing view, when suddenly, a rainbow began to form, directly over the Castro district.

Taking that as a sign, we walked down to the Castro, which happens to be one of the Gayest neighborhoods in America. Giggling immaturely, we walked in and out of sex shops and kinky dessert pop-ups (I’d recommend Hot Cookie).

We decided to return to our apartment for some recuperation, then headed to Japantown, one of SF’s lesser know spots. We shopped at a Walmart-like grocery store called Daiso, whose mantra is that everything in the store is 1.50. We stocked up on Christmas presents and other completely random items. I came out with a gigantic bag of gifts and actually useful items, like a daily planner, some scented body lotion, and of course, Japanese candy.

Then we headed back to Union Square to meet up with Sophia’s friend Russell, who had roadtripped up the coast at the same time as us with his friends, for dinner.

We found a tiny Thai Restaraunt called ,and waited about 20 minutes until a table opened up. We chatted with Russell and his friend Eric about colleges and childhood, until we were seated. We had an amazing dinner over good conversation and mutual admiration over our respective roadtrip stories.
 After dinner we hung around Union Square to chat a bit more, until the guys returned to their hotel and we took a bus back to Richmond.

We reminisced on our trip as we returned, commending ourselves for being so responsible, and commending the fates for letting everything flow smoothly. Our roadtrip had been flawless, and we all knew it was a trip we would never forget.

The next morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn again, said goodbye to our apartment for the last time, and took off towards San Diego.

I took the first shift, driving from SanFran to King City, in Central California. We stopped for a Starbucks run, and Juli took over, at which point we drove until we hit Gaviota, a small town outside of Santa Barbara. At this point, Sophia took over, and we raced home, making it by about 1pm.

Our winter roadtrip was one of the best experiences of my life. For the first time in a long time, I felt a sense of absolute freedom and independence. There’s a strange sort of empowerment in the aftermath of a trip you’ve put so much effort into planning. It’s downright inspirational, motivational, sensational, vocational! The truth is, there’s nothing that has the power to change your attitude like an adventure with friends you can always trust to have an amazing time with.

I truly hope this series about my amazing roadtrip up the coast has inspired you to take a trip of your own, even if only a day trip to a local trail.

Music is one of the most gorgeous devices for me to reminisce on my favorite memories, and I always love sharing my favorite artists, albums, and songs. Check out my playlist below for our last day in San Francisco, including a short soundtrack to our drive back down home, and leave some of your favorite roadtrip songs in the comments below! Music is one of the most gorgeous devices for me to reminisce on my favorite memories, and I always love sharing my favorite artists, albums, and songs.

  1. Valerie-Amy Winehouse
  2. When the Levee Breaks-Led Zeppelin
  3. Sage and Spirit-The Grateful Dead
  4. Freaking Out the Neighborhood-Mac DeMarco
  5. Honey Don’t-The Beatles
  6. El Condor Pasa (If I Could)-Simon and Garfunkel
  7. Misirlou-Dick Dale
  8. You Make Loving Fun-Fleetwood Mac
  9. Once In a Lifetime-The Talking Heads
  10. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)-Arcade Fire
  11. Under Control-The Strokes
  12. Stronger Than Me-Amy Winehouse
  13. Winterlong-Pixies
  14. South Bound Saurez-Led Zeppelin
  15. Never Going Back Again-Fleetwood Mac
  16. Bracelets of Fingers-The Pretty Things
  17. Rapp Snitch Knishes-MF Doom
  18. Heroes-David Bowie
  19. S.F. Sorrow is Born-The Pretty Things 😉
  20. Check Yourself-Ice Cube


Wishing you all happiness, health and adventure on this gorgeous March night. 🙂



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