Cruising SF: Roadtrippin Day 3

Before the break of dawn on Monday morning, we packed our stuff and took off from the Lanai Lodge in Santa Cruz, where we had spent the night before. Sophia bravely volunteered to drive the final stretch up the coast, so long as I drove into the city, a plan I could get on board with.

We left absurdly early in order to maximize our time in San Francisco. Even though we had all visited the city within the past year, San Francisco was our mutual favorite place to be, and it was important for us to get the most out of our two days there together.

The drive up from Santa Cruz was short, but perilous. Sitting shotgun, I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of us. It was raining harder than I’ve ever experienced, and the stress was evidently getting to Soph, but she powered through. By the time that colorful streaks signifying dawn began to cover the sky, the rain had stopped, and we collectively smiled in awe of the gorgeous beaches of Half Moon Bay and Pacifica.

Finally, we were in San Francisco.

I found an awesome deal on an apartment through AirBnB for our two nights about a month before our trip, but the check in time wasn’t until 3pm, so we parked outside of the apartment and immediately took a bus to Union Square.

We wandered through the financial district, stopping at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (typical) for some shopping. We ended up walking to Chinatown, one of my personal favorite spots in all of San Francisco.

We weaved through the colorful, oriental-style streets, searching for cheesy Christmas presents in overpriced tourist shops, until we stumbled upon a store with a downstairs section. Walking into this basement-like area, we spotted some Samurai swords and had to take a look.

Sophia and Kyri both decided that a $20, metal sword from Chinatown, San Francisco, was the best purchase they could ever make. Quite frankly, I’d have to agree.

However, it was pouring outside by now, so I decided the best purchase I could make that day was a cheap, $4 umbrella (which still works fairly effectively, to be fair).

It ended up coming in handy, as we took a bus to Fisherman’s Wharf, where the rain and wind were so strong that we quite literally were almost knocked down by it. However, we powered through as we checked out Ghiradelli Square for some shakes and ice cream, and later, some clam chowder down at the wharf itself.

At this point, we were exhausted, and it was just about time to check out our apartment for the next two nights. We caught a bus to the Richmond District, and Juli grabbed the van to pull into our designated garage parking spot, only to find a massive $70 parking ticket (which, to this day, we aren’t quite sure why she got it). However, we forgot all about this minor financial setback when we entered our apartment, which we had all to ourselves.

It was a one bedroom, one bathroom little thing, but it was clean and nicely designed, with a small, but gorgeous kitchen and a huge couch/fold out bed as the centerpieces of the place. We hung up some Christmas lights and basked in our independence, stoked on the fact that our accommodations had only been increasing in quality throughout the trip.

At this point, we had been up since 4am, and having had a long day of adventuring amidst stormy weather in our favorite city in the world, we were ready for some rest.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Day 4, our final day of adventuring will be up on the blog on Friday. Get stoked kids.

Until then, check out this groovy playlist of song choices from our first day in San Francisco.

  1. Rock and Roll Nightclub-Mac DeMarco
  2. Something Better Beginning-The Kinks
  3. Champagne Coast-Blood Orange
  4.  The Book Lovers-Broadcast
  5. Carry That Weight-The Beatles
  6. Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans-Mac DeMarco
  7. Northern Man-HOMESHAKE
  8. Coast to Coast-The Blank Tapes
  9. Sugar Man-Rodriguez
  10. Lord Knows Best-Dirty Beaches
  11. Le Temps de l’amour-Francoise Hardy
  12. Subterranean Homesick Alien-Radiohead
  13. Take a Fall For Me-James Blake (feat. RZA)
  14. December, 1963-The Four Seasons
  15. All My Love-Led Zeppelin



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