Exploring Santa Cruz: Roadtrippin Day 2

Waking up on Sunday morning in our Monterey hotel was tricky. We were all exhausted still, and as I jumped on Sophia, shaking her to get up, she damn near threw me off her. But eventually, we found ourselves getting ready for our second day of adventure.
Before leaving Monterey, Juli brought us to the house where her mom grew up. She got a little emotional in seeing that it had been converted into a Dentists’ office, but she snapped pictures anyway and facetimed her mom, updating her on our journey and posing with her moms childhood home. It was adorable, to say the least.


momma lisa’s childhood home and our roadtrip van
From there, we drove straight up the coast to Santa Cruz, where we would be spending the night.

Now, Santa Cruz is a gorgeous little beach town about an hour, two hours south of San Francisco. A lot of kids from our Encinitas high school end up going to UCSC, and we figured it’d be worth a stop.

We pulled up to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park sometime before noon, paying a $10 entrance fee and walking on the Redwood Grove Loop Trail. We saw some of the biggest trees in the world, covered in lush, dark green moss. It was cold out, a humble 55 degrees, but it was heaven.

Then, we decided to check out one of Santa Cruz’ more off the beaten path spots, a place called the Garden of Eden (I’ve already made a blog post on this spot, you can check it out here).

We were awestruck by the gorgeous abandoned railway that acted as our path to the little hideaway, and sang Beatles songs and Kanye West as we followed the tracks for two miles.

 I love Santa Cruz. In the rain…maybe less so.

As we approached our car after our long hike, our luck with the weather ran out, and a downpour began. We took a quick drive through UC Santa Cruz before finding solace from the rain in our room at the Lanai Lodge. Our room was about the same size as the one in Monterey, but we found it to be of a bit nicer quality, which was nice considering it was roughly the same price (not to mention it was afive minute walk to the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk). We ordered some amazing personal pizzas from Woodstocks, and chowed down while drying out from the torrential downpour and planning our next move.

We decided to walk to the Boardwalk, despite the rain (cause yolo, right?) and ran through the arcade without reason except for some shield from the elements.

Once we returned to our hotel, we shared stories until we passed out, excited for the days to come.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Day 3 is coming Wednesday, but in the meantime, you can busy yourself with this fun playlist of our second day of our California Coast adventure.

  1. Naive-The Kooks
  2. Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Mykonos-Fleet Foxes
  4. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road-The Beatles
  5. Across the Universe-The Beatles
  6. Bound 2-Kanye West
  7. Deadbeat Summer-Neon Indian
  8. Swing Lo Magellan-The Dirty Projectors
  9. White Lies-Odesza
  10. Right Down the Line-Gerry Rafferty
  11. Boogie with Stu-Led Zeppelin
  12. Any Color You Like-Pink Floyd
  13. Paradise Circus-Massive Attack (Gui Borratto Remix)
  14. Passing Out Pieces-Mac deMarco
  15. Santeria-Sublime

If you want to see more pictures from our adventures through Santa Cruz, check out the gallery below!

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One thought on “Exploring Santa Cruz: Roadtrippin Day 2

  1. I love the pics. The Redwood Nation Park is part of my bucket list. I’m glad I could live through you while reading this post. Xo


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