Coachella 2015

In spirit of the Coachella 2016 lineup coming out, I figured I’d do a review my Coachella 2015 experience, for all of those wondering if the three day festival experience is worth the hefty price tag of upwards $375.

In my opinion, yes, yes, hell yes.

I had been stoked on Coachella since I was a freshman in high school. I never thought that my parents would ever actually let me go, but considering that they were about to move me across the country to Michigan, I suppose they figured, “Why not?”

So, in January of 2015, I bought my first Coachella tickets ever, one for me, one for my brother. I went home from school early, jumped on my computer and waited for an hour for the tickets to begin to sell.

It was a very exciting time. As soon as the clock struck 11am, I was brought to the ‘waiting room,’ and sat biting my nails for about 15 minutes until I was brought to the actual checkout/sales page. All of the regular GA tickets were sold out at this point, so I had no other option but to buy the General Admission and Shuttle Pass combo, which amounted to 425 per ticket. I was bummed, as I knew I wasn’t going to be using the shuttle pass, as I was going to be car camping, and it was a waste of $50, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from purchasing two tickets anyways. So after half an hour of near heart attacks, I had successfully bought my brother and I tickets to our first Coachella.

Now, it wasn’t like all of my favorite artists were playing. Not even close. But in truth, no matter what the lineup is (perhaps unless you only listen to classical music or death metal), you’re going to have a great time at Coachella because there are so many amazing, different acts that you’re going to hear something you like. Coachella’s headliners are often the best of the best in the music festival world, and their performances on the Coachella stage often receive universal acclaim.

Knowing this, I was pretty damn excited for April to come.

And when it finally did, I was the happiest I think I’ve ever been. Which sounds awfully clicheed, but it really was true.

Dancing around in the 90 degree heat with my best friend, my brother, and two other amazing girls who I became close with just that weekend was such a fantastic experience. We drank Limearitas and lounged in our campsite while waiting for the next amazing act to come on, played soccer with a group of our Swedish neighbors, made our way to the front of crowds just by pouring water on sweating strangers. We screamed when our favorite songs came on, sang all the lyrics, danced until our legs were numb. 

I’ll never forget dancing at the DoLab and being continuously cooled off by giant water gun hoses, or sprinting back to the Coachella Main Stage when we heard Kanye’s infamous voice. Even just basking in the sun while watching Mac DeMarco doing his adorable little thing has such a beautiful, nostalgic feeling to me now.

There’s nothing else like it in the world.

So if you’re wondering if you should buy a ticket this Wednesday to a weekend at the world’s most famous music festival, I’d say go for it. You’d probably regret it if you didn’t. Good Experiences are worth every penny most of the time anyways. 

Enjoy some pictures from my experience last year, and for all those going to Weekend Two in 2016, I’ll see you there. 😉


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