Oceanside Pier

Having lived in Oceanside for most of my childhood, the Oceanside pier is one of the mostly oddly nostalgic places for me in San Diego. I remember spending hours walking up and down the boarded pier with my parents, who would sometimes come here to go fishing. Those were the days.

But during the peak of my adolescence, I came here too. My good friends Olivia and Juli joined me on the bus from Encinitas on one mid-August day, just to explore a different town about 10 miles away from our homes, and to cure the insatiable boredom that always comes near the end of a long, eventful summer.

liv taking it all in

Hopping off the 101 bus, we wandered around downtown Oceanside for a few minutes, before deciding that Ruby’s on the pier was the best decision we could make that day, and embarked on a mission to reach the end of the pier and get the fries and shakes that would make that day something to brag about.

We walked down the 3/4 of a mile stretch of the pier, laughing about old times and dreaming up new ones.

10001512_697443046986072_834072188_n  1976944_697443186986058_409738420_n

We found a man with an amazing giant bubble wand, and I couldn’t help but pull out my disposable camera to snap this picture:


I promise it was much cooler in real life.

We messed with pelicans (very humanely of course) but soon got a little afraid of their aggressive tendencies.


When  we finally got to Ruby’s we were greeted by a not so welcoming host who told us we had to be wearing shoes to enter…which we weren’t.

But we were determined to get our fix.

So we sprinted back to a small store on the pier (which was not a pleasant jog considering we were barefoot on a wooden pier and you know, splinters), bought the most flimsy flip flops we could find, and sprinted back to Ruby’s, snagging a great seat with a gorgeous view of the pacific.

a shoddy film photo of Juli at Ruby’s

Once we were filled past our limits with parm fries and shakes, we embarked back towards the bus stop as the sun began to set, giving us this incredible view:


It was one of the most strangely peaceful and relaxing days I’ve had, and I would go back to the pier to just feel that nostalgic peace and ocean breeze any day.

I hope you enjoyed this little nostalgic trip and all of my film photos. I sure know I have.

4 thoughts on “Oceanside Pier

  1. I love the beach and I love the pier. I remember walking along the boardwalk when I was a child. I love to go fishing off the pier. I would see so many fun things. I remember a seal swimming around as I was fishing and all the awesome birds; pelicans and seagulls. This definitely brought back some memories! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend! Koko:)

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  2. We had a pier in my hometown, and it was always a lovely place to go, especially in the evening. There is something very peaceful about a wholesome day in the sea air, laughing with friends or family. Thanks for reminding me of these days – your writing is so evocative!


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