The Saxony Swing

Hiding in the heart of Encinitas is a place straight out of your average Indie film: The Saxony Swing.

Named after the road you can find it on, this spot is on the intersection of Quail Gardens Road and Saxony Road, in a sweet little canyon.

The first time I was brought here, we went down a steep slope off Saxony, past a little goat farm.


I later discovered a much easier and less hooligan-ish way to get to the tire swing: there’s a very simple trail right off Quail Gardens Road, you literally can’t miss it.

You’ll come across a clearing and see the tire swing hanging on a rather stable looking tree directly in the middle of the little ditch it hangs over. You could use either side of the ditch to mount the swing, but I recommend the west side, as it is a little safer.


It could be due to my extreme clumsiness, but when are you coming back I first came to this spot, I had a few pretty unfortunate incidents with a rogue branch and falling off the swing. So, be careful.


But overall, this is a great spot to hang out with friends on a way too hot day (and there are an abundance of those in Encinitas), just talking, swinging, and laughing.

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