San Francisco Part 2

As a mecca for the young and artistic, San Francisco is home to some of the most amazing architectural and artistic feats in the wold. I love everything about this amazing city, but the stunning beauty of every buiding and structure here is probably my favorite part about it all. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Golden Gate Bridge

This spot may be a little outside of the city (as it does take you out of it to Sausalito and the Marin Headlands), but it is by far the most well known landmark of San Francisco, and maybe even California. Seeing this amazing work of art is an amazing feeling in itself, but actually walking or driving on it gives you an intense rush of history-spiked adrenaline. This bridge has such a rich history and story, and although it’s the number one place tourists flock to, its worth a visit for sure.


Haight Ashbury

The Haight Ashbury neighborhood is without a doubt my favorite part of San Francisco. The houses and store fronts here are to die for with some of the most beautiful and unique architectural design in the world. You can feel the history oozing from every street corner, from every shoddy windowpane, from every 70’s attired passerby. As a psychedelic era junkie, being here feels like home, and hits me with a nostalgic feeling of better times (although I never even lived in them).


Hundreds of amazing musicians lived on these streets, such as Janis Joplin and the band The Grateful Dead. Walking past their houses feels like such a strange honor. I always wonder what amazing memories and songs were created in these beautiful homes lived in by some of the most legendary musical figures of our time.

This area is great for shopping too. There’s an amazing Tie-Dye store (I believe it’s called Jammin’ on Haight) which has some beautiful and vibrant tie-dye pieces. Tiny vintage boutiques are in abundance, filled with gorgeous one of a kind clothes and jewelry you can’t find anywhere else.

In the end, Haight Ashbury is worth a visit whether you’re a music lover or not. Even my mom, who is horrified by the concept of the psychedelic era and everything that goes along with it, loves this area just for the amazing vibes it has.


Fisherman’s Wharf

Right on the bay, Fisherman’s Wharf is what I’d consider the ideal spot for a cute date, or a girls night out. The boardwalk has such a great little fishing village feel (even though it’s swarmed by tourists on weekends). The Boudin Factory is the perfect place for bread-lovers to take in some of San Francisco’s carb history, and has the most interesting set up, with little bread baskets filled with animal shaped bread circling the store in a conveyor belt fashion.


The wharf is such a nice place to hang out, although you have to beware of the Bush-Man, who lurks on the edge of the boardwalk and will jump out in a full on bush costume and scare the shit out of you. It happened to me. Twice.

I really should know better than to be scared by a walking bush, but the man is intense.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini San Francisco series, and you can check out Part 1 here. Ramble on, lovers!

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Part 2

  1. My favorites are the food and fun on Clement and Geary. There’s also an amazing book store called green apple books on clement. Oh and try a crepe from genki crepes 🙂 if you take a walk along Crissy fields it’s a great view of the bridge too! Great blog!!


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