Lake Hodges

One of the only actual lakes in San Diego, Lake Hodges is a gorgeous spot in San Diego, and a rather un-touristy one too.


The drive to the lake is breathtaking, as Del Dios Hwy gives some of the best views of the lake that I’ve ever seen. The drive somewhat reminds me of Big Sur, being so high up with all of the twists and turns (although I promise it is much safer).

Getting down to the lake, I always go to the North Shore. There isn’t much of a trail right next to the lake, but if you’re okay with getting your feet a little wet, it’s worth it.


We always stop by this strange abandoned chimney structure too. I’m unsure as to what it was used for, whenit was used, and by whom, but it’s interesting all the same. There’s a plank swing there as well.

IMG_5450 IMG_5453

For me, Lake Hodges was the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends, driving on Del Dios, walking on the shore, and hanging out around the swing and chimney. It’s also in very close proximity to the Lake Hodges Dam, which is worth a visit for the more daring adventurers.

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