Batiquitos Lagoon and Swings

Located in South Carlsbad is one of my favorite little spots in San Diego, Batiquitos Lagoon. The lagoon is accessible from several different access points, but my favorite spots are off Gabbiano Lane, which is in South Carlsbad.

IMG_5880 (1)

There’s a trail that takes you around the entire east section of the lagoon, and that makes for a lovely walk. However, I loved going to Batiquitos for the swings

IMG_5885 (1)

They hang off a tree that stands overlooking the entire lagoon, with a view of the Freeway Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. There are two swings, and neither is very stable, but they work all the same.


The views during sunset make this place the perfect little haven after a long and tiring day.

I found these swings while on a walk by myself around the lagoon. After hiking up a fairly steep hill, I stumbled upon the swings and sat there for hours, just listening to music, watching the sunset, and feeling a sense of complete and utter peace. When are you coming back I brought my friend Maddie there a few weeks later, we found ourselves doing almost the exact same thing, just talking, laughing, and taking in the amazing beauty of San Diego.

IMG_5866 (1)

So whether you’re a tourist looking for some worthwhile attractions, or a local trying to discover new places to hang out, Batiquitos is definitely a place to check out.

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