Niagara Falls

We were finally on our way to see one of the biggest waterfalls on the planet: Niagara Falls. Being cooped up in the house for over a week now, I was way too excited that this was what I was going outside for.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls
Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Arriving at the falls, we realized we were in for a trip: the only place I’ve ever seen that many people at is Disneyland. And honestly, the place has kind of a Disneyland vibe, from the Canadian side at least.

We got the Adventure Pass, which gave us a chance to stand under the falls, take a boat almost though them, walk next to the rapids, and watch a movie about the history of how the falls were created.

It truly felt reminiscent of Disneyland, with all of the tourists, long lines, and attractions. It made me a little sad that the natural beauty of this place had been stripped down to the bone, and created into a tourist attraction that felt just about as inauthentic as an apologetic Miley Cyrus. Even the surrounding town of Niagara looks more like a Las Vegas knockoff than a Canadian small town.

However, the falls were worth it for me. Standing directly under the largest volume of water flowing in the world was kinda dope. With the gorgeous cliffs surrounding us, it finally started to feel more Irish fairy village than a very boring amusement park attraction.



Even better, the boat that took us close the falls was an amazing experience. We got an amazing, close up look at the falls and could feel the mist raining down upon us in buckets.

IMG_1456 _MG_1755

We then ventured to the ‘White Water Walk,’ a boardwalk than runs right next to some of the strongest rapids in the world, which are near impossible to go white water rafting on.


By the end of the day, I felt as though I had never been more exhausted. It was a nice day, but I’m not good with tourist type situations. They generally make me cranky and tired. However, the crowds at Niagara are never going to change, and while I’ve sadly accepted that, it doesn’t meant the falls aren’t still worth a visit. I would highly recommend taking one of the two boats that runs to the falls (The Maid of the Mist, and the Hornblower), as they run from both sides of the border. If you’re on the Canadian side (which does have better views, by the way), then I would recommend going under the falls, but everything else is skippable.

Overall, it is a really beautiful place, even if it’s been taken over by consumerism. If you’re ever around the Canada-New York border, check it out.

To see some more pictures of Niagara, scope the gallery below!

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13 thoughts on “Niagara Falls

  1. This was such an interesting post – I’d never thought of the Niagra Falls as anything but a natural wonder – I’d love to go and will do one day, but it’s good to have been prepared a bit for the ‘disneyland’ aspect of it, too!
    Super photos too – I really will go, one day!
    Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being from the area, I know what you mean about tourists. If you stay away from the summer time you’re more likely to enjoy it’s natural beauty. Even more, in the winter with the falls frozen is truly beautiful


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