Swami’s Beach

Not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite places in the world. And yet, it’s not the most beautiful, spectacular, or different. But man, it sure is special.

I’ve been coming to Swami’s ever since the 8th grade. My friends and I used to walk from Leucadia to here every day, always armed with Cheetoh-Puffs and towels. We would swim and lay out in a continuous cycle for hours, day after day, all summer long. And somehow, it never got old.

High school started, and I started to meet new people. But even with new friends, I always found myself at Swami’s again. Every Friday, after school, we would walk down from school and run around Swami’s, sitting at the park, or lying sprawled out on the beach. Soon, we started to find some of Swami’s’ secrets.


We hung out in a little cave-like dugout a few hundred feet down from the stairs. There, we would share stories and make fun of each other for being pretentious white kids with disposable film cameras, yet never relented from our own shame-worthy habits.


We sat in daisy beds and laughed about how pseudo-artistic we were.


We lied in the park and spent hours talking to (homeless) strangers with amazing stories, having picnics and playing various ethnic instruments.


And I loved every second of it, until the end.

To see some lovely film pictures of Swami’s beach, check out the gallery below!

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