Grand Canyon National Park

Next in the Arizona series is the infamous Grand Canyon.



I gotta say, I understand the hype. This place is incredibly beautiful.

There really is no place on Earth that gives you the same feeling as the one you get being at the Grand Canyon. Witnessing the Colorado River cutting through sculpted rock structures a mile deep is truly one of the worlds greatest wonders.

Even the musty quality of the air is enlightening in its own way.


Coming even remotely close to the edge is like getting a Mia Wallace style adrenaline shot to the heart.

My mom actually slipped and fell when she was walking towards me sitting near an edge of the canyon, and I have to say, that was singlehandedly the most petrifying moment of my life. About a mile deep, the Grand Canyon is not a place you want to be clumsy around.

I didn’t get to stay at the Grand Canyon for too long, or explore any of its famous trails, but soon I hope to hike the 10 miles to Havasu and Mooney Falls, in the Havasupai region of the Grand Canyon.

Check out a couple more pictures of the stunning Grand Canyon below!





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