Horseshoe Bend

Another commonly photographed spot in Arizona is Horseshoe Bend. With an amazing view of the Colorado River weaving around Page’s painted canyons, Horseshoe Bend is a popular spot for photographers and appreciators of natural beauty to visit.

A trail takes you a mile west to see the beautiful place. We went around sunset on the night of a full moon, giving the place a rather Mars-like look:



good try, naseem
good try, naseem

Sitting on the edge of the canyon is a little unnerving. It’s a long way down to the bottom. But it offered an interesting perspective on a place I had only seen in pictures. At the edge of the giant rock structure in the middle of it all was what seemed to be a campsite: a lantern glowed down below on top of a blanket, and a few other camping materials were strewn all around. I wondered how a camper could get to that spot, and felt a strong desire to be down there with whoever it was.

It was a beautiful thing, to see so many photographers so excited about finally getting to this place. The sunset was insane that night as well, so it really provided a picture perfect shot.


I felt so at peace there. As the sun set and photographers and tourists began to wander back towards their cars, I really felt a strange sense of community with the world, and I was glad to be there with all those people.


Life is circular, in the end. I’ve found that with friends, relationships, jobs, and passions, that everything tends to come around to a close, and yet the story still continues in our memories. It all just reminds you to stay passionate and love the world that continues to spin around and around in a neverending circle, no matter how often it seems like it may just all stop one day. Take that as you will.

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