Upper Antelope Canyon

Now this was what I was really dying to go to Arizona to see. In the remote desert that is Page, Arizona, is home to one of the most photographed places on the planet: Antelope Canyon.

I  had of course, seen all the pictures there were to see on Instagram and other forms of social media, and all I could ask myself was: is this place even real? The incredibly colorful slot canyon seemed like a place crafted in dreams.


The amazing slot canyons have been sculpted by water flooding the canyon every so often for thousands of years.


To visit the canyon, you have to book a tour with a guide, which can get very pricey depending on the size of your group. You also have to pay a fee to the Navajo tribes to be permitted access on to the reservation, but this fee should be included when you book your tour. However pricey it may get, visiting this place is 100% worth it.


Our tour guide was extremely friendly and kind, also giving us a lot of insight into the history of this amazing place, as well as pointing out good photo ops and certain funny figures embedded in the walls.

Upper Antelope Canyon is definetly my favorite slot canyon that I’ve visited, and I hope to go again at a different hour of the day, and get to see the canyon in a whole new light, literally. The canyons walls can appear to change in color, depending on the different positions of the sun shining through. I went around 8:45 in the morning, but next time, I think I’ll try to go around three or four in the afternoon and see what happens.

To see more pictures of the stunning Upper Antelope Canyon, scope the gallery below!

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