Montezuma Castle National Monument

In April of 2015, I decided to take (force) my family on a roadtrip throughout Arizona. It was a brief trip, but full of stops to some of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been. I’ve decided to make a short little series on this blog about my trip there, and some of the stops we made.

First on the list is Montezuma Castle National Monument. For all the history buffs out there, this place is just overflowing with culture.

A tiny cave town built in Camp Verde’s cliffs, Montezuma Castle’s history dates back to 1100 C.E, when the Sinagua people inhabited this space. The 65 rooms that make up the ‘castle’ are believed to be built by women, who lived with the men and children of the Sinagua tribe and inhabited this area for over 300 years.

this model at the monument displays what the inside of the rooms could look like

Seeing Montezuma Castle was so fulfilling, for someone as interested in Native American culture as me. As I stared at the incredible structure above me, I pictured Native American cliff-dweller families living here, having conversations over dinner after a long day of gathering and hunting for food.

You can feel the culture embedded in the rocks just by being there and seeing them for yourself. Pictures really do not do this place justice, as it’s by feeling the energy of this magical area that you really begin to understand what life must have been like so long ago.

If you’re ever en route to Sedona or the Grand Canyon, Montezuma Castle is definitely a place you should check out.

3 thoughts on “Montezuma Castle National Monument

  1. Stunning! So, does this mean that while the men were out hunting (and gathering), the women were building the 65 rooms everybody lived in?

    Thanks for stopping by my site!


  2. Montezuma ! omg I almost forgot I’ve been there hehe, In July 2000, I might post something in the future about this on my blog polmeetsworld. Visited so much things in the US that I don’t know where to start. USA my favorite country in the world, greetings from Belgium

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