Laguna Beach

Home to some of my favorite beaches in all of California is a town called Laguna Beach. An hour long drive from San Diego, Laguna was the perfect place to escape from seeing my entire school’s population, and still have a nice beach day. With the most clear water I’ve ever seen, incredible foliage and architecture, and cool sea caves and tidepools, the beaches of Laguna are made for adventurers and surfers alike.


My all time favorite beach is Laguna would have to be Thousand Steps. Although parking sucks (I did my first parallel parking job on the 101 highway here, and let me tell you, scary as hell), and climbing back up the 250-something steps is the hardest workout out there, it’s all worth the incredible water and the amazing sea caves and tidepools (which are best explored during low tide).

Not to mention the secret man made pools on the beach which extend out towards Three Arch Bay, a community with its own private beach access. Getting to the pools is tricky and risky, as I’ve known residents to call police on trespassers of the private area, but the pools are stunning and an amazing semi-secret hideaway in Laguna.

My first few times here, I didn’t get to visit the infamous caves of Thousand Steps because I came during high tide, and lifeguards prohibit visitors from attempting to reach the caves during that time. But I finally came during a perfect low tide, and got to wander through some of the most gorgeous sea caves I’ve ever seen.


Another amazing beach is Table Rock beach. With strange rock formations and gorgeous tidepools, this place is another amazing beach in Laguna, only a few blocks down from Thousand Steps. Parking sucks here too (honestly, parking in Laguna is rough in general), but worth the amazing water and warm sand.


I can never seem to get over the wild beauty of this place. The tidepools are really some of the most incredible I’ve seen, and even though Laguna may be a tourist trap, it’s so worth a visit.

But please, don’t take my word for it. Check out some pictures below to see what Laguna’s really like, or visit it yourself!

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