Mad Decent Detroit 2015

Well, that was fun.

Honestly, that’s the best way I can describe my experience at this year’s Mad Decent Block Party in Detroit. Usually an 18 or 21 and up event, Detroit’s version of the one day music fest allowed fans 16 and up (although they didn’t enforce or check this rule whatsoever), and since I have a few friends in town and the ticket was relatively cheap for a music festival, I was determined to go. And go I did.

The event was hosted at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit proper. Although everything was outside, the ambiance of being surrounded by giant, mostly abandoned buildings was definitely a unique one.

Walking into the event, we saw people leaning out of their apartments and I felt thoroughly confused. This place looked extremely abandoned, and I could not imagine living there, but a security guard explained that the apartment spaces in the buildings were mostly rented out and used for partying on weekends.


Getting there around 3, we went through security (relatively slowly), and had our shoes checked but for some reason weren’t patted down at all, which I thought was strange. No one checked my bag either, which was actually a first for all of the concerts I’ve attended. I was wearing some 4 inch heels, so I was not stoked to take my shoes off but that was literally nothing compared to the hell my feet were to endure in the following 8 hours.

I guess it’s entirely my fault for wearing heels to a hectic EDM fest, but I survived with no complaints until I took off my shoes, and experienced the most pain I’ll probably ever experience. So girls, learn from my mistake. I may have looked hot and for once not been a midget, but I most likely need some reconstructive foot surgery. So choose Vans or Converse, honestly, the next time you go to any music fest.

Anyways, after getting in, we found a good spot near the front and waited for Daktyl, the opening act to begin.


Whose set, by the way, was amazing.

Next were some producers I hadn’t heard much of, Party Favor and ETC ETC. Party Favor did an amazing job of getting everyone ridiculously pumped, and I was having an amazing time



After a local rapper named Goldlink did a short set, Cashmere Cat stepped up to the stage. Although he is absolutely adorable and I love his music, I found myself somewhat bored during his set. Maybe it was the time, or my exaustion, but I just couldn’t wait for it to end.


However, next was Keys n Krates, who played a great set and got me feeling a little better.


And when the sun had set, I found myself in a state of ecstasy. It was time for Flosstradamus.


Having seen them at Coachella, I was incredibly excited to see what they would bring to the table in Detroit. And they did not disappoint.

The crowd was insane, with HDYNATION flags flying high and mosh pits forming left and right. You really had to be there to feel the thriving energy of the audience.


And then, finally, was who I had really come for, one of my absolute favorite DJ teams: Zeds Dead.


They started their set with a mix of my favorite song, Hadouken. I think I almost cried of excitement (or maybe the pain in my feet was getting too intense).

My friends and I decided that since we had stayed in the same spot practically the whole time, we would mob the front and see what would happen.

It was a little insane.


I lost my friends quickly and was pushed around by the crowd relentlessly, but I wasn’t complaining. Being in a crowd like that isn’t too comfortable for too long, but it can be fun for a while for sure.

I was dancing to ‘Lost You’ when some guy asked if I wanted to go up on his shoulders. I decided that this was a good opportunity to try to find my friends, so I agreed, but got a little too caught up in dancing in the breeze to actually look.


After a while, I had made it pretty close to the stage and had reunited with my friends, only to have them shoved away by an aggressive looking fella with some face tattoos and piercings, not to mention a dab rig. How he got that in there, I’ll never know, although I asked (with a vague response of ‘gangster shit’).

It was getting late, and the show was almost over. I looked for my friends wildly (again), until a helpful guy asked if I wanted help. I said, “Yeah, that would be great,” somewhat brushing him off, until he picked me up and put me on his shoulders. I laughed and found Connor and Firas quickly, and began to notion to be set down, until some hippie handed me a yellow road sign lookalike, which read “THIS IS A GOOD SIGN.” I waved it for kicks, and Zeds Dead finished their set with an amazing remix of Take U There by Jack U.

I dismounted from the good ravers shoulders and stumbled my way to Connor and Firas, at which point we realized Luke (our lovably dysfunctional, very German friend) was missing. Which proved to be a slight issue, as he didn’t have a phone, and the entire attendance of the festival was hectically leaving the area.



We spent half an hour wandering the dilapidated grounds searching for him, with no luck until we were kicked out to the exit, where he had been waiting all along.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and I would recommend the Mad Decent Block Party to anyone (as they are held in over 15 cities across the U.S), so long as you enjoy the lineup (which varies by city). It doesn’t require too much planning to attend, as it’s only a one day event and is a pretty cheap music festival at only 35$ a ticket.

The rising EDM-rave scene is one I’ve surprisingly enough come to love, and if you genuinely enjoy electronic music, a Mad Decent Block Party is a can’t miss event.

So rave on, plurverts, and see if a Mad Decent event is being held in your city in the coming weeks. You won’t regret going if you do!

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