The Cardiff Barn

Just because people are no longer able to visit this place, doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it!

This barn is creepy as hell.  It was for sale and vacant about a year back, until it was sold in March 2015. So, it is now someone’s new land, and pretty much impossible to go here, but I figured I’d review it for old times sake.


The few structures on this land were pretty rickety and worn out, indicating that these sheds were built long, long ago. It seemed to be abruptly abandoned, with a bathtub, curtains, and many other items left around the property.


Many windows had holes in them, as though someone had smashed through them with a circular object or a hammer.


The whole place had a particularly eerie feel to it, as though something horrible had happened on this strange abandoned farm on the outskirts of Cardiff, a beach town. A single rope hung from the ceiling of one of the larger structures, tied like a noose in an ominous manner.


A radio tower and presumed radio room exist here. In the radio room, there were thousands of wires and very old fashioned looking electronic devices. What they were for, I have no idea. Maybe this place served as a radio station in the old days.


After a little bit of research, I discovered that this place was listed as the address to a business named Sober Livings LLC, however, this business seems to have no online profile, and seems to have never existed as far as the Internet is concerned.

Despite the intense creepiness of this place, it still served as a gorgeous spot to explore and hang out with friends in. All I can wonder now is why was this place abandoned in the first place, and what happened here?

Let me know in the comments if you know or find any more info about this place. It seems to have a rich history, and I’d love to know more about it!

One thought on “The Cardiff Barn

  1. I absolutely love places like this. I love the huge outside shot of the red barn, and your tour inside. The more rickety and busted up, the better. I’m not sure which post of mine it is, but one of them has got this HUGE barn-thing that’s totally collapsed on itself halfway. Barns, shacks, sheds, I love these abandoned, eerie, creepy things!


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