St. Agnes Church

This week, a couple of my best friends from San Diego came out to Michigan to visit. In an effort to keep us busy, I decided to try to find some cool places in the Detroit area that we could kick it at. It didn’t take too long until I found out about St Agnes Church.

One of the many abandoned buildings in the Detroit area, St Agnes Church was open until about 2006, when it shut down.

We ventured around the former holy haven, going up a set of dilapidated stairs to look over the entire church.


We also took a look at the basement, which I can definitively say takes the cake for the creepiest place I have ever been to. There was a theatre-like platform, and a rickety classroom setting. We casually joked about demons infesting the place, but the longer we stayed there, the less it felt like a joke.


Now, I’m not a religious person whatsoever, but if there’s anything that’ll begin to convince me of the paranormal, it’s St Agnes Church. The broken church setting just feels sinister and eerie in every way, and I was lowkey terrified.


However, being at the church was the most alive I’ve felt since I moved. I finally felt as though I was back to my old self, exploring the desolate and amazing places that keep me sane.

I was honestly stoked to have made it here, and if you’re ever in Detroit (for some reason), consider checking this place out. It’s not in that sketchy of a neighborhood, and getting in is easy and legal (as far as I know). It definitely is the coolest place I’ve been to in Detroit so far, and is one of the most eerie places I’ll probably ever visit. But who knows, I could go to a Russian strip club one day and feel much more sketched out. We’ll see.

If you wanna see some more pictures of this otherwordly, and photogenic places, check out the gallery below!

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