La Jolla and Mount Soledad

Since it’s a favorite among tourists, I wouldn’t usually do a post on a place like La Jolla. However, it is one of the most luxurious cities in California, filled with palm trees, gorgeous beaches, and some incredibly hot people. Only 20 minutes away from Encinitas and Downtown San Diego, La Jolla is an easy place to spend a day wandering about. And I have had some of my most memorable days adventuring around this amazing city, so here we are.


A great way to start an adventurous day in La Jolla could be to check out the Ho Chi Minh Trail to get to Black’s beach. Go for a swim, get naked (or not), and if the tide’s low, walk to the La Jolla Shores, only about 2 miles away from the trail end. From the shores, the famous La Jolla Coves are about a mile long walk, worth it for the gorgeous houses and foliage you pass by on the trail.


WindandSea is another beautiful beach that I would highly reccomend. With the clearest water I’ve ever seen and an amazing spot to go cliff-jumping, it’s one of my favorite beaches in San Diego. Although it’s constantly crowded in the summer, it’s worth it.

I have a friend who’s cousin lives in La Jolla, and we happen to run into them almost every time we’re down there! It’s always fun to run around the alleyway where he lives (a 2 minute walk from WindandSea) and the houses are insanely beautiful.

There’s also an incredible contemporary art museum in the heart of La Jolla! The exhibits are always changing, and always incredible. The shopping in La Jolla is great too.

kyri 3
view from the museum

But I have to share one of La Jolla’s hidden gems: Mount Soledad. One of the higher points in San Diego, Mount Soledad offers a spectacular vantage point of the city, with views reaching to Coronado island.

A giant cross sits on top of the mountain, and you can see it even from a mile below.

Mount Soledad is such a peaceful and gorgeous spot. I always love going there, especially at night, although the drive up the mountain can be a little daunting.

a shitty film picture: top of mount soledad

La Jolla is for sure one of my favorite places in San Diego, and if you’re ever bored, is a place where you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

To see some more pictures of the lovely town of La Jolla, check out the gallery below!

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