Escondido Creek

Among the most serene of places I’ve gotten the chance to experience is the Escondido Creek, a misleading name for a spot since it’s actually in Olivenhain.

Anyways, this place is absolutely breathtaking. A gorgeous little nature escape in the hills of Rancho Santa Fe/Olivenhain, the creek actually runs through a serene little park, which can be described as nothing less than the perfect set for an indie film.

IMG_4129 IMG_4133 IMG_4134

Does it get anymore perfect than this, honestly?

This all lies on the bank of a gorgeous creek that runs pretty far down, and although the water isn’t as clear as the sky, it’s still a nice place to cool off with friends.

The first time I came here, my great friends Anne, Kate, and Sophie decided river rafting was the perfect thing to do on a particularly hot March day. We got pretty far downstream, until the water was shallow enough that it was only about shin-deep. We waded around the shaded areas and found incredible looking rotting trees, which Kate decided to climb on, only to bellyflop into the water below.

Another time, my friend Maddie and I ventured down to the south end of the creek, finding a cool spot to hang out, with a few chairs and such. We didn’t stay in that area for long however, as suddenly, a gigantic tree tipped over and fell clear into the creek, not 3 feet away from us. Confused, and a little scared, we hightailed it out of there, wondering what had caused that tree to fall.

And as if that weren’t enough, this place still has more hidden secrets within it.


This pipe takes you to a beach-like clearing, with cool golden sand and a thicker area of the stream. I’ve spent countless days wandering around these woods, sitting in circles with new friends and sharing stories with old ones. It really is a haven for those who feel the need to get away from it all every once in a while. And don’t we all? The ambiance of this place is just so beautifully peaceful.

Getting here takes a detailed map and a general knowledge of the area. After coming here the first time, it took me more than a few tries to find it again successfully, which is a little unusual for me as I don’t often forget how to get to the places I visit, but the trek down the trail off Bumann road is well worth what awaits at the end of it.

Getting back to the car sucks though, not going to lie. It’s a steep uphill that is absolutely exhausting when you’re soaking wet and have arms full of blankets and shoes. Nevertheless, I still enjoy 100% of this area. On the walk to the park, there are horses and some gorgeous architecture to gaze at, as well as a stunning view of Rancho Santa Fe from the highest point of the hill.


My love for this place will never diminish with time and distance I hope, and I’m excited to rediscover all of its wonders when I come back to visit San Diego.

To see some more gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous place, check out the gallery below!

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9 thoughts on “Escondido Creek

  1. Omg I love your blog!! This place looks like so much fun!! I wish there were places like this around where I live. I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog for sure 🙂

    – Rachel


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