Lollapalooza 2015

So I kind of just showed up at Lollapalooza.

For those who aren’t aware, I moved to Michigan this summer, and I’ve been pretty bored out here. That’s one of the reasons why I made this blog: sheer boredom and nostalgia for my California adventures of the past 3 or so years.

However, I live about 4 hours away from Chicago, and when my good friend Kyriana told me she would be attending Lollapalooza and visiting Chicago, I figured; “what else do I have to do?”

So I bought a Friday pass on (I would reccommend if you need sold out tickets), and three days later, my brother and I were on our way to the windy city.


Now, Chicago may be windy, but in summer, it’s hot. It was about 90 degrees out when we arrived at Lollapalooza. The crowdedness didn’t help. None of our favorite artists had started yet, so Firas and I tried to find a shady spot to sit and relax for a while until Glass Animals started.

Later, we met up with Kyriana and her friend Sami, and went to see Destructo, then WhatSoNot at the Perry’s stage. Although it was only 3:30, drunk girls and guys were already too hammered, and they were going down hard. One girl slumped over the railing going through the middle of the crowd, and security had to haul her out on a wheelchair, much to her annoyance.

After WhatSoNot and Father John Misty, we decided to cool down with some shaved ice and hammocking.


After cooling off for a while, we went to Alabama Shakes and later, DJ Snake. After DJ Snake’s amazing set, we waited around in the crowd for Dillon Francis, one of my favorite djs to start.

Things got a little hectic.


We decided to see Paul McCartney about an hour into Dillon’s set. I was so excited I could barely contain myself, running to the Samsung Galaxy stage only to find that the entire field was full of people, from seven to seventy years old! It was an amazing thing to see so many people so happy to see one legendary man.

in between sprints
in between sprints

We sprinted back and forth from Paul McCartney, to the Weeknd, to Flying Lotus, to the Weeknd again, and finally back to Paul McCartney for the last few songs of his set. As we ran onto the field, Helter Skelter started playing and I got a tad too excited, singing and dancing around, and accidentally punching Firas in the face. We were pretty far away from it all, but I felt lucky just being able to hear one of the last living Beatles perform for probably the last time.

This random guy came up to us and started asking for high fives, and we started to talk to him. For some reason, my friends started to pick me up, and carry me around, until the guy asked if I wanted to go up on his shoulders. The festival was about to close, and Paul was on his last song. Shrugging, I figured, “Why not?”

Being up there, I could see over everyone’s heads, and I felt a strange sense of empowerment as I watched Paul bang out the last few notes. Suddenly, fireworks shot up into the sky, and the dude carrying me (who was running around in circles) lost balance and I fell over, but landed on my feet! Paul began to walk off the stage and my friends and I realized we had to quickly run away, or be devoured by the mob of people leaving Paul’s set. If the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I’ll be ready.

Overall, it was a really great time. I thought that Coachella had ruined my expectations for all other music festivals (as it just set the bar too damn high), and Lollapalooza was a very different festival than others I had experienced, but it was way too much fun all the same.

4 thoughts on “Lollapalooza 2015

  1. Whew! Glad you landed on your feet! Father John Misty is making the rounds this summer. And your ticket was worth whatever it cost to see Paul McCartney. Good luck in Michigan, I hope the boringness will gradually decrease itself over time…….

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  2. Nice to know that festival style concerts are still the same 40 years later…. :). And being an ex-Californian, eventually it goes away, except for the funny accents and having to wear long-underwear in winter………

    Nice article…painted a picture of times long past…..thanks….


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