Adobe Falls

Hidden in the suburbs surrounding San Diego State University is a truly amazing find: a waterfall haven that has become a canvas for local street artists, otherwise known as Adobe Falls.


A mix of nature and urbanization, Adobe Falls is one of the most unique spots in San Diego that I’ve been to. The place consists of large boulders covered in grafitti art, and a waterfall that cuts the area in half. It’s an absolutely beautiful spot which exists in a place no one would expect it to, about 2 miles away from SDSU’s campus.

When I visited, there were about fifty or more people there, taking pictures, running around the rocks, and just having a good time with friends. The really interesting thing was, there were kids, college students, parents, and even grandparents here! Which was I was so surprised when as we were leaving, my friends and I were apprehended by the SDSU police force.

Now, I had noticed the no trespassing sign on the entrance of the trail to get to the falls, but there were so many people there I didn’t really believe it was that big of an issue. However, as we returned to my car, the police sat us down and threatened to arrest us and gave me a parking ticket, but soon let us go after giving us the advice to never go back.

That being said, it is dangerous to go here. The rocks are slippery and it would be difficult for emergency aid to reach anyone who’s hurt themselves, but in all honesty, it would be difficult for emergency aid to reach many natural destinations all over the world, and many of those are legal to visit. I believe Adobe Falls is restricted most likely due to the graffiti, which is illegal to partake in, but there may have been accidents in years past. So, visit at your own risk.


If you do decide to visit this place however, the art and views really are unlike any other. A lot of really chill and interesting people hang out around there as well. Checking out Adobe Falls was a great adventure I won’t forget, and I’m glad I got to check it off my bucket list.

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